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June 15th update of all the paintings from my ongoing $100 series strung together in a video with me talking (somewhat abstractly) about being the daughter of very emotional (volatile) painters. Featuring my thoughts on an early introduction to the concept of quality, the importance of art, and my indoctrination into believing that paintings are about human interactions (if not themselves essentially part of those same interactions).

I am best known as the singer in the underground rock duo Mecca Normal. I also write novels. The long hours spent building characters in words is informing how I painting faces.

Paintings are posted on FaceBook first. They can sell very quickly.
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$100 Paintings Still Available


This monologue touches on my early indoctrination into “the emotional realms of painting”. The paintings featured are from my recent, ongoing series of $100 paintings “The Hat”, “No Hat”, “Angry Woman in Rock”, “Kabuki”, “Y-Front” and “The Singer”.

It all started with “The Hat” series in January, 2016. I posted the first one on my FaceBook page and it sold that same day. Hours later, someone was offering me money in advance for the next one! Since then, paintings in this series have been purchased by painting instructors from the University of British Columbia and the Art Institute of Chicago, a painter whose work was exhibited in the Whitney Biennial, 2014 in New York City, and by a critic for Artfourm Magazine.

Paintings from this series are posted by month
$100 paintings from February, 2016
$100 paintings from March, 2016

$100 paintings in April, 2016
$100 paintings in May, 2016
$100 paintings in June, 2016

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