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The Stones

Paintings based on screengrabs from a film by Jean Luc Godard; The Rolling Stones recording “Sympathy for the Devil” at London’s Olympic Sound Studios in June, 1968.

STONES BIG hre“Woo Woo” (11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas panel) October, 26, 2017. SOLD

STONES 2 800 r
“Jagger” recording “Sympathy for the Devil” at London’s Olympic Sound Studios in June, 1968 (11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas panel) October, 27, 2017. SOLD

STONES 3 800
“Richards” — recording “Sympathy for the Devil” at London’s Olympic Sound Studios in June, 1968 (11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas panel) October, 28, 2017. $100 USD plus shipping.

Mecca Normal, Empathy for the Evil, CD cover art, M'lady's Records - Copy

This is not the first time I’ve been drawn from the song “Sympathy for the Devil”. In 2014, I gave Mecca Normal’s 13th album the title “Empathy for the Evil“.


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Instagram & FaceBook Testimonials!

“I bought a painting! @jeansmithpainter is the artist and she has many more beautiful portraits. They’re a steal at $100! Go check them out right now and get one (or two, or three). And I must say, the painting is even more beautiful in person. I’m so pleased!”

“It arrived yesterday. I must commend you on your packing. It was so secure! And the painting is even better in person! I love love love it. The colors are juicy and she is just gorgeous.”

“Basically, I saw the art on Instagram, and was directed to her current available pieces on Facebook. Then I struggled to choose just one, emailed her about the one I wanted, sent the $$ via PayPal and voila! I am the proud owner of an amazing painting! I highly recommend it. So easy and such fantastic work.”

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Video: updated



$100 USD contemporary portrait paintings (11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas panel) from October 19th back to the beginning of the series (January 7, 2016).

$100 USD paintings currently available

Music by Mecca Normal

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Sets of 3

via PayPal
Please email to check availability before paying.

I can’t really reduce the price of my $100 USD paintings any further, but I will cover any extra postage above $10 USD on any set of 3.

I’m always amazed to see what people put together, so here are some of my picks by threes because three is better than two in terms of composition.

I selected paintings based on variables including color, composition (the size of the head and which way they are looking) demeanor, and style — mostly putting different styles together. I hope putting them together in something other than chronological order offers another way to view them.

Click the text beneath sets to go to larger images.



s2 new






S8 new

Contemporary portrait paintings (acrylic 11 x 14″ on canvas panels)

All content on this page (c) 2017 Jean Smith

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Strong female expression

Early in 2016, while writing a YA novel about a rock band, I left a part time retail job when I began selling enough paintings (11 x 14″) on FaceBook to pay my bills. Since then I’ve painted around five hundred faces – the vast majority of women. I began painting self-portraits at thirteen to express an intensity I possessed that I didn’t see in advertising and magazine images of women at that time (1973). I’ve continued to explore strong female expression in my art practice, which includes writing, music and painting.

IMG_5445 vvv

Self-portrait (11 x 17″ tempera on paper, circa 1973)


3144810 400
literary fiction, 1993


A self-portrait photo on the cover of Mecca Normal’s 12th album (Kill Rock Stars, 2006) – songs from my yet-to-be published novel “Love Wants You.”

As the lyricist and singer in the band Mecca Normal, I have been writing about women and social justice since 1984. Most people who see my paintings know my background – or they are exposed to it online because of its proximity to where my paintings are posted. Viewers would understand that, at the very least, I’m not objectifying women, but beyond that I haven’t written an artist statement, other than to offer that I paint attitudes more than beauty or other superficial qualities, and that the vast amount of time involved in creating, honing and moving characters around in fiction informs my painting process as I keep working on pieces until I achieve a sort of complete personhood that exudes emotional depth rather than a concentration on physical attributes, which is the essence of how women are typically valued. In our society, what we look like is always the most important thing about us.

The long history of women as subjects in art made by men is intertwined with women not making art themselves. At this point in my artistic practice, I am painting without an overt political agenda, allowing my contemporary portrait paintings to speak for themselves.

No Hat 258 800

No Hat #258 (11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas panel) 2017 SOLD

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All Time Favorites Available

Video: October 1, 2017 back to the beginning of the series (January, 2016). Music by Mecca Normal (Jean Smith and David Lester).

To purchase my contemporary portrait paintings by number (note: not paint-by-numbers!), see my Currently Available album.

Contact me by email to confirm that the painting you want is still available before paying.

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Several of my all time favorite paintings are still available.

Why are some of my all-time favorite paintings still available? I figure it’s because of when I originally posted them on my regular FaceBook page where 99% of purchases happen. Sales slow at the end and beginning of the month and during major distractions good and bad. Here are a handful of my pre-September favorites.

Collectors tip: I post first on FaceBook where they sometimes sell within the first five minutes which slows me down from posting them here, on the monthly page. I tend to put them on Instagram last, two or three at a time.

No Hat 202 800

No Hat #202

No Hat 204 800
No Hat #204

No Hat 236 800

No Hat #236

No Hat 246 800

No Hat #246

No Hat 247 800

No Hat #247

No Hat 248 800

No Hat #248

No Hat 243 800

No Hat #243

No Hat 240 800

No Hat #240

No Hat 232 800

No Hat #232

No Hat 233 800

No Hat #233

No Hat 201 NEW 800

No Hat #201

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