Instagram & FaceBook Testimonials!

“I bought a painting! @jeansmithpainter is the artist and she has many more beautiful portraits. They’re a steal at $100! Go check them out right now and get one (or two, or three). And I must say, the painting is even more beautiful in person. I’m so pleased!”

“It arrived yesterday. I must commend you on your packing. It was so secure! And the painting is even better in person! I love love love it. The colors are juicy and she is just gorgeous.”

“Basically, I saw the art on Instagram, and was directed to her current available pieces on Facebook. Then I struggled to choose just one, emailed her about the one I wanted, sent the $$ via PayPal and voila! I am the proud owner of an amazing painting! I highly recommend it. So easy and such fantastic work.”

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