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Video: Currently Available

Jean Smith’s $100 USD contemporary portrait paintings (11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas panel) from April 14, 2018 back to the beginning of the series (January, 2016).

“First, oh my word I love these portraits {acrylic on canvas panel} so, so, so much. Second, Canadian rocker turned painter Jean Smith sells these paintings on Facebook for $100 a pop. WHAT? Yes, true story. Are you wondering what you’re still doing here and why you’re not over there buying a whole bunch of these 11×14 beauties? Me too. Here you go… Jean’s Facebook page. You’re welcome.” – The Jealous Curator

$100 USD paintings currently available

Email me if you see one you want to buy.

Music by Mecca Normal

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These Three Together

There’s something about these three together

No Hat #362 800

No Hat #362


No Hat #368 800

No Hat #368

No Hat 318 800

No Hat #318

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