The Making of “No Hat #407”


No Hat #407 BIG

“No Hat #407″ (11 x 14” acrylic on canvas panel) SOLD

Whenever I see ‘how to paint’ videos on YouTube I’m struck by conventional methods that seem based in entirely different philosophies than mine. These videos appear to be making a final product in a linear fashion, whereas I’m inside the painting process in a way that requires evaluating the whole and it is affected by each change I make. It’s about the relationship of parts and how they jive in terms of emotional intensities.

Some of the how to videos demonstrate painting various areas by colour or starting in one place and creeping out from there. Things I don’t do.

I was very happy with this painting in the first image (1.) Uncharacteristically, I considered leaving it there, which is why I took the photo. I proceeded because I was curious how it might evolve — which turned out be quite a lot more typical of how I work. It’s a matter of concentrating on a feature and then matching intensities of expression — mainly the eyes and mouth.

I’ll be comparing painting and singing on my art blog soon. How writing, performing and recording songs replicate various phases of the painting process.



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