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Galleries: 60 paintings for $6000


When buying a painting, re-sale potential is more than implied. It’s not like buying a fish supper or a Honda Civic. With art, there’s a fairly good chance you can, at some point, get your money back — or even make a profit.

I figure my ‘customers’ are buying paintings because they like them, but y’all are no dummies. There is an investment factor that is perhaps regarded as too gauche to parler. You know, the whole deceased artist leap in value thing which I am not working very well at all, because I keep mentioning that my parents are extremely old and in a roughly henceforth manner I guess I may live to be terrifyingly old, although the more I see of how it ends up, I think not. Thanks anyway.

I mentioned the idea of my paintings being priced for re-sale to my dad while I was doing my taxes and he said, “All paintings are for re-sale. That’s the name of the game.”

I am utterly thrilled to be able to make a living painting. This is one of the best times of my life! I am extremely grateful for all the support and enthusiasm. I don’t want to mess anything up. For the first year I was practically holding my breath, painting with fingers crossed, afraid that it would fizzle. It hasn’t! It’s growing! I may have to get used to being something of a success! Weird!

As I’ve said before, any money I make above expenses goes towards buying a property for the Free Artist Residency (on an island on the coast of British Columbia) where musicians, writers, filmmakers and visual artists can stay for free while working on projects.

I got to thinking more about galleries and representation after a few people misunderstood my post and thought I’d made the leap to the big time. Um, no. I’m not actively looking for a gallery; I would however work with one that felt inclined to include my story ($100 paintings online) rather than require I cease to function. I believe there is room for both. People get that there is an overhead factor to showing in a gallery. Staff, venue expenses etc. It’s all a matter of choosing a price that works without anyone feeling like they paid too much if they found paintings for less online.

At three for $1000 ($333 each), seeing them in person, on a wall, where they can be moved around is not going to drive anyone to find me on the internet to buy them at $100. I consider this reasonable mark up for curated art exhibit in a physical space.

Profit: $8000


example of shelves.JPGExhibition idea: leaning on narrow shelves so people can move them around to make groupings

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