pricing evidence

art b

This is the first evidence I’ve seen of a price on a painting that was/is owned by someone who bought it from me.

With this painting (48 x 30″) being 3.5 times larger than the $100 USD series (11 x 14″) that puts the $100 USD painting value at $550 USD (by size) which is still too low, but should go towards establishing a higher value. 5.5 times higher.

This is a fairly random sale, but it is based in the reality that I did sell the painting to the person who may be using this service. $1950 USD looks like a “reduced price”. Who knows what the original price was?

All debatable depending who wants to chime in, but I’m still of the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it school of thought. Others regularly tell me to raise my prices.

“Add a zero.” – culture maker in the know

FaceBook album of $100 paintings currently available

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