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Preferred Exhibition Method


Leaning on narrow shelves with viewers encouraged to make their own groupings.

$100 USD // $130 CAD (11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas panel) each plus shipping

SPRING DEAL: 4, 5 or 6 paintings – no shipping fee US and Canada

$100 USD paintings currently available

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Steve’s unboxing / review

Steve waited a good long time before opening the painting I sent him in exchange for his support of the Free Artist Residency for Progressive Social Change! Thanks for this, Steve!

$100 USD paintings currently available

There’s something about these three together.

The Scarf #12 800
“The Scarf #12″ (11 x 14” acrylic on canvas panel). $100 USD plus shipping.

no hat #530 800
“No Hat #530″ (11 x 14” acrylic on canvas panel). $100 USD plus shipping.

No Hat #525 800

“No Hat #525″ (11 x 14” acrylic on canvas panel). $100 USD plus shipping.


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Video: Introduction

We have the evidence! Political art can change the world!


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Video: paintings available

$100 USD portrait paintings available (14 x 11″ acrylic on canvas panel). Music by Mecca Normal (Jean Smith and David Lester).

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When I recently asked my FaceBook friends how they think I should proceed with selling paintings they suggested gallery shows, raising prices (from $100 USD) and painting larger (than 11 x 14″). The thing is, the FaceBook model works and I don’t want to interrupt my daily routine: paint, photograph, post, promote, package and ship. Yet, based on enthusiasm and compliments, I think more people would buy my work if they had a chance to see it.

I’m certainly not complaining though! To my utter amazement, I’ve sold over 600 paintings on FaceBook in the past three years. November 2018 was almost a record at 30 paintings sold!

It’s a case of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but, I also have over 250 paintings in stock, so I do consider various ideas, including shows. I sometimes forget that while I see the paintings in the context of a room (my studio) others only see them with a close crop online. So here are a few of my favorite ‘beyond the screen’ photos!



shaun buying painting 800

Shaun buying “Woman with Guitar” at a Mecca Normal performance.




Jenny’s table!

kimKim’s “Affirmative”

terry l 1200
Terry’s tower! She’s an interior designer in ‘cottage country’ Ontario.

ivan 3

Storyteller Ivan Coyote buying two!

alex varty


YA author Gayle Forman’s (“If I Stay”) living room!

larissa 3

tanja grunert

NYC gallerist Tanja Grunert buying one in Hudson, NY

andi in vienna

This one went to Vienna!

joan n
This one looks amazing at Joan’s!


NYC artist and musician Tae Won Yu!

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Framed Miniatures

“Pioneers of Aviation #11” and “No Hat #515″

5 1/4″ square aluminum frames with glass and wooden stands made in India

1 3/4” image area

$100 USD plus shipping for the pair

yet to be signed