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NYT phoner

The second, nearly one hour interview with the New York Times focused on the Free Artist Residency for Progressive Social Change. Why, where, when etc.

I told the interviewer that I’d prefer it to open here in Vancouver, but for that to happen, I’d need financial backing. I said I was open to sponsorship, partnership, collaboration and philanthropy to make this happen sooner and on a more appropriate scale.

I sent him a selection of houses currently on the market and explained my method of assessing price in terms of size, climate, and proximity to Vancouver. I also took a look at a number of places that are way beyond anything I could ever afford just in case someone comes forward who wants to be involved financially.

For example, this 2200 sf $850K USD home with a fully finished basement suite for visiting artists would be ideal.

I recorded both interviews (my side only) with a Shure 58 to .wav file for whoever is making the movie about this whole thing. 🙂

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$100 USD Paintings Selling Quickly

Over 1500 paintings have sold since I started the $100 USD (11 x 14″) series in 2016. I paint every day and post new work as soon as I’m finished. All sales above my $1000 USD monthly expenses go towards opening the Free Artist Residency for Progressive Social Change.

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LARGER paintings

“Oh my word, I love these portraits so, so, so much.” – The Jealous Curator, September, 2017

Favorites from recent sales of $100 USD paintings

Chocolate #6 (11 x 14″) SOLD
No Hat #937 (11 x 14″) SOLD
No Hat #938 (11 x 14″) SOLD
No Hat #939 (11 x 14″) SOLD

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Pandemic Art Sales: Seattle

Since the end of March Seattleites have bought 19 of my 11 x 14″ $100 USD paintings. Some are collectors of my work and others are new buyers who either know of my band Mecca Normal or have discovered my paintings for sale on FaceBook. Others have read an interview in The Tyee about my intention to open a Free Artist Residency for Progressive Social Change. Profit from painting sales (after $1000 USD for monthly expenses) and my savings is getting very close to a reasonable amount to purchase a facility. I’ve sold over 1500 paintings so far.

Mecca Normal has played in Seattle many times over the years (since 1986) and have been included in MoPOP Museum (when it was the EMP) as part of the Riot Grrrl Retrospective. The cancellation of our March show at the Paramount opening for Bikini Kill was part of the initial wave of restrictions on gathering. It has since been rescheduled for September 2021.

My FaceBook page is a hopeful place where paintings often sell within the first few minutes and, as funds come in, options for property are discussed. I think people want to look towards something positive and quite radical. As a single woman over 60, selling art to buy a house for the purpose of accommodating visiting artists intends to disrupt how property acquisition is typically regarded.

Mecca Normal: introductory video at bottom of post

No Hat #900
Hoodie #23
No Hat #871
Affirmative #56
Headphones #37
No Hat #874
No Hat #875
Affirmative #43
No Hat #883
Affirmative #50
No Hat #855
No Hat #313
No Hat #828
Fox #24
Hoodie #31
Bike Helmet #2
Affirmative #39
Hoodie #30

Short film I made for MoPOP PopCon introducing Mecca Normal.
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Not a Candyassed City Slicker

I realize many people I’m connected with via the internet have no idea about my background / skills. Below, I intend to give a sense that buying a house (small town or rural, but not remote) to set up the Free Artist Residency for Progressive Social Change isn’t beyond me.

Here’s me working on my 37′ mahogany sloop circa 1980. Holding the belt sander down and slightly under from the deck above for the full length of the hull (both sides) was no joke. Made a lot of plugs with the drill and tapped those into place on the new oak rub rail we were installing. Used a chisel to lop off plug ends, then sanded them all flush before oiling.

I also sanded the hull in preparation for painting. Then I painted it. Partner was down for the count with mono so I was taking instruction via pay phone at Mosquito Creek Marina. The boat was moored at Bute Street and we had a limited time slot out of the water. I’d been sailing once when I went in on a $35,000 mortgage at 20. Learned a lot. I’m sure I complained and cried a lot too… as one does in their twenties.

random skills
– chop wood
– adept with hand tools
– fixed dripping faucet and running toilet — thanks YouTube!
– gardening — growing vegetable shouldn’t be beyond me
– excellent and resourceful cook — canning isn’t beyond me
– sewing — majored in sewing in high school and its applications are many when it comes to understanding construction techniques in other materials
– assessing what needs to be done, research solutions / cost, schedule repairs — manager for a band (research and booking shows, car rental, motel, air travel etc.)
– working in newspaper production turns out to be great for eyeballing space, and for cutting and working with utility knives
– small power tool skills
– fishing — selection of lures, maintain tackle, catch, kill, gut, clean and cook (salmon, cod, snapper)
– car maintenance and minor repairs (mostly pre computerized vehicles)
– chainsaw
– fired a gun at the LA Gun Club (with jetlag same day arriving from New Zealand)
– pest control (mouse specialty)
– lived in VW van 6 months in Europe

limitations include
– wielding heavy stuff
– not great with heights

personal stuff
– no drugs
– no alcohol — 20 years
– excellent going long stretches without socializing
– industrious / creative
– self-motivated (get up and start working)
– finish projects
– willing to learn
– willing to teach (workshop presenter, former ski instructor and fitness technician)
– never been in debt (other than the mortgage on the sail boat)



LA artist Keith Dugas interviewed me for a series on his blog. Great to see his selection of my paintings!


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60 $100 USD paintings SOLD so far this month!


The Hat #99 800

New record! 60 $100 USD paintings SOLD so far this month! That’s $6000 USD going towards opening the Free Artist Residency for Progressive Social Change! 58 paintings SOLD in January. Every month, all sales after my expenses ($1000 USD) go towards the Free Artist Residency.

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Update: solo art show

I’ve dropped a few hints about my solo art show in the spring, but we’re not quite ready to officially announce it! Here are a few more hints, but I’m not going to confirm or deny anything in comments

The city in question: I can safely say that I may have sold more paintings to people living in this city than any other.

The yet to be named gallery is supportive of the Free Artist Residency for Progressive Social Change. I believe they see the benefit of cultural activists of our ilk having a place (outside of the USA) to work on projects that intend to change the world. I hope they see it’s in their / our best interest on many levels.

Mecca Normal will perform at the opening.

We’ll be doing a newsletter / press release email soon to tie a buncha things together. David’s graphic novels, my art show, online painting sales milestone (900 sold with 300 in stock = 1200 paintings in 4 years), playing Bikini Kill shows, the Free Artist Residency, and last year’s live album from the mid-90s — Riot Grrrl era.

We’ve always done our own press / publicity for our music and book projects (D-I-Y since 1984)*, but I haven’t spent much time looking for press for the paintings. Early on I contacted The Jealous Curator and I’m still, some years later, savouring her appreciation of my work.

“Oh my word, I love these portraits so, so, so much.” September, 2017

I’ve done a couple of email interviews, but a press release is basically David and I compiling content that can be reproduced by the media in advance of coming events.
In the past four years, I’ve focused on painting (and not so much the push required to escalate exposure / sales). I completely love the way this situation on FB works. I get to paint lots, I have an enthusiastic audience and appreciative buyers. File under: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Yet, I have 300 paintings here, I may need to move out of Vancouver, and I want to get going with the Artist Residency.

So, yes I am hinting at a plausible inevitability that when more people see my paintings, you’ll wish you’d bought a few. Also, this week’s near record sales (18 ?) remind me that post-sale production, packaging and shipping take time and adding rehearsals, art / music events, purchasing property, moving, potentially more interaction with the media, and getting the artists residency up and running. I only have so much time and there may be both scarcity and upheaval in how paintings are sold (and for how much).

As with Mecca Normal’s trajectory, the wildness of the ride depends on factors beyond our control, but the essence of our adventures can be applied to our other projects in a myriad of ways.

* Mecca Normal has appreciated and benefited greatly from publicity generated by the record labels we’ve been on including K Records, Matador Records, Kill Rock Stars and Artoffact Records.

$100 USD paintings currently available

0188 cx

photo: 2020 selfie

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$100 USD Paintings for Sale Online: October Sales

sold OCT

43 $100 USD paintings sold in October! Incredible!

All sales above my $1000 USD monthly expenses go towards opening the Free Artist Residency for Progressive Social Change. $3300 USD raised in October.

Ideal spex: Outright purchase. No mortgage. Not in a mobile home park or any other type of leased land. Within 3 hours of Vancouver. Room for artist residency and accommodation and studio in the house or in a separate structure (large shed, converted garage, trailer, converted school bus).

I’m monitoring house price reductions and assessing whether new listings are any lower than higher seasons. So far it doesn’t seem like it. The longer I wait, the more funds I’ll have = fewer structural problems, closer to Vancouver and better weather.
Painting sales are always slow at the end/beginning of months making this the least competitive time to buy.

$100 paintings for sale online

Follow my $100 USD paintings for sale online on Instagram, but they are always posted on FaceBook first.

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Business Opportunity

Seeking an investment of approx. $100K CAD // $75K USD in exchange for 5% of my (net) painting income

Small house currently being used as a craft / art gallery on the main road on a desirable gulf island. Listed at $274K CAD // $207K USD. I would live and paint there while running a gallery of my work and that of visiting artists. I’m an excellent salesperson!

I would have low overhead / no mortgage making it easier to pay back the investment.

Imagine: I hit the big (or even the reg. price) league and you’re in for 5% FOREVER.

Math?: If I end up selling 10 @ $5,000 (or 500 @ $100) paintings a year = $50,000 gross = approx. $40,000 net, an investor would get $2000 a year.

Lots of room for additional buildings or RV to accommodate the Free Artist Residency / investors.

Next Stop?: Dragons’ Den // Shark Tank

de 3


Solo Show in the Spring

Inching forward on confirming a solo exhibition in the spring! Friend me on FaceBook for details or follow me on Instagram.

$100 USD (acrylic on canvas panel)
250+ paintings available

All sales above my $1000 USD monthly expenses go towards opening the Free Artist Residency for Progressive Social Change.

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