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When I recently asked my FaceBook friends how they think I should proceed with selling paintings they suggested gallery shows, raising prices (from $100 USD) and painting larger (than 11 x 14″). The thing is, the FaceBook model works and I don’t want to interrupt my daily routine: paint, photograph, post, promote, package and ship. Yet, based on enthusiasm and compliments, I think more people would buy my work if they had a chance to see it.

I’m certainly not complaining though! To my utter amazement, I’ve sold over 600 paintings on FaceBook in the past three years. November 2018 was almost a record at 30 paintings sold!

It’s a case of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but, I also have over 250 paintings in stock, so I do consider various ideas, including shows. I sometimes forget that while I see the paintings in the context of a room (my studio) others only see them with a close crop online. So here are a few of my favorite ‘beyond the screen’ photos!



shaun buying painting 800

Shaun buying “Woman with Guitar” at a Mecca Normal performance.




Jenny’s table!

kimKim’s “Affirmative”

terry l 1200
Terry’s tower! She’s an interior designer in ‘cottage country’ Ontario.

ivan 3

Storyteller Ivan Coyote buying two!

alex varty


YA author Gayle Forman’s (“If I Stay”) living room!

larissa 3

tanja grunert

NYC gallerist Tanja Grunert buying one in Hudson, NY

andi in vienna

This one went to Vienna!

joan n
This one looks amazing at Joan’s!


NYC artist and musician Tae Won Yu!

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Video: paintings currently available

When you buy a $100 USD painting (11 x 14″) as a gift it can be a GIFT CERTIFICATE allowing the recipient to choose, or I can send the painting directly to the recipient.

  • handmade CARD (by me) with your note inside
  • BUY NOW to be mailed early December

Email me: to check availability
payment via PayPal $100 USD plus $10 USD shipping

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Video: updated



$100 USD contemporary portrait paintings (11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas panel) from October 19th back to the beginning of the series (January 7, 2016).

$100 USD paintings currently available

Music by Mecca Normal

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All Time Favorites Available

Video: October 1, 2017 back to the beginning of the series (January, 2016). Music by Mecca Normal (Jean Smith and David Lester).

To purchase my contemporary portrait paintings by number (note: not paint-by-numbers!), see my Currently Available album.

Contact me by email to confirm that the painting you want is still available before paying.

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Several of my all time favorite paintings are still available.

Why are some of my all-time favorite paintings still available? I figure it’s because of when I originally posted them on my regular FaceBook page where 99% of purchases happen. Sales slow at the end and beginning of the month and during major distractions good and bad. Here are a handful of my pre-September favorites.

Collectors tip: I post first on FaceBook where they sometimes sell within the first five minutes which slows me down from posting them here, on the monthly page. I tend to put them on Instagram last, two or three at a time.

No Hat 202 800

No Hat #202

No Hat 204 800
No Hat #204

No Hat 236 800

No Hat #236

No Hat 246 800

No Hat #246

No Hat 247 800

No Hat #247

No Hat 248 800

No Hat #248

No Hat 243 800

No Hat #243

No Hat 240 800

No Hat #240

No Hat 232 800

No Hat #232

No Hat 233 800

No Hat #233

No Hat 201 NEW 800

No Hat #201

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Video: currently available

$100 USD portrait paintings available (14 x 11″ acrylic on canvas panel and paper) as of September 16, 2017. Music by Mecca Normal (Jean Smith and David Lester).

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