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Business Opportunity

Galleries: 60 paintings for $6000


When buying a painting, re-sale potential is more than implied. It’s not like buying a fish supper or a Honda Civic. With art, there’s a fairly good chance you can, at some point, get your money back — or even make a profit.

I figure my ‘customers’ are buying paintings because they like them, but y’all are no dummies. There is an investment factor that is perhaps regarded as too gauche to parler. You know, the whole deceased artist leap in value thing which I am not working very well at all, because I keep mentioning that my parents are extremely old and in a roughly henceforth manner I guess I may live to be terrifyingly old, although the more I see of how it ends up, I think not. Thanks anyway.

I mentioned the idea of my paintings being priced for re-sale to my dad while I was doing my taxes and he said, “All paintings are for re-sale. That’s the name of the game.”

I am utterly thrilled to be able to make a living painting. This is one of the best times of my life! I am extremely grateful for all the support and enthusiasm. I don’t want to mess anything up. For the first year I was practically holding my breath, painting with fingers crossed, afraid that it would fizzle. It hasn’t! It’s growing! I may have to get used to being something of a success! Weird!

As I’ve said before, any money I make above expenses goes towards buying a property for the Free Artist Residency (on an island on the coast of British Columbia) where musicians, writers, filmmakers and visual artists can stay for free while working on projects.

I got to thinking more about galleries and representation after a few people misunderstood my post and thought I’d made the leap to the big time. Um, no. I’m not actively looking for a gallery; I would however work with one that felt inclined to include my story ($100 paintings online) rather than require I cease to function. I believe there is room for both. People get that there is an overhead factor to showing in a gallery. Staff, venue expenses etc. It’s all a matter of choosing a price that works without anyone feeling like they paid too much if they found paintings for less online.

At three for $1000 ($333 each), seeing them in person, on a wall, where they can be moved around is not going to drive anyone to find me on the internet to buy them at $100. I consider this reasonable mark up for curated art exhibit in a physical space.

Profit: $8000


example of shelves.JPGExhibition idea: leaning on narrow shelves so people can move them around to make groupings

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When you buy a $100 USD painting (11 x 14″) as a gift it can be a GIFT CERTIFICATE allowing the recipient to choose, or I can send the painting directly to the recipient.

  • handmade CARD (by me) with your note inside
  • BUY NOW to be mailed early December

Email me: meccanormal@hotmail.com to check availability
payment via PayPal $100 USD plus $10 USD shipping

I’m best known for my contemporary portrait paintings, but I also paint landscapes, which are an excellent option for gifts. Evidently paintings of winter scenes are some of the most sought after by art buyers.

Reflection 400 small“Reflection” (11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas panel) SOLD

blurb no text

In addition to escalating sales in 2017, the highlight of the year was The Jealous Curator’s review. It’s surprising how many people know her! If you’re giving a painting as a gift, I’d suggest you consider telling the recipient my work was featured by The Jealous Curator.

“Portraits of women get me every single time … and when they’re only 100 bucks they get me even more! Beautiful, insanely affordable, original paintings by @jeansmithpainter 💕 More of her work and a direct link to her shop on the site today.” – shared by The Jealous Curator (@thejealouscurator) on

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The Stones

Paintings based on screengrabs from a film by Jean Luc Godard; The Rolling Stones recording “Sympathy for the Devil” at London’s Olympic Sound Studios in June, 1968.

STONES BIG hre“Woo Woo” (11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas panel) October, 26, 2017. SOLD

STONES 2 800 r
“Jagger” recording “Sympathy for the Devil” at London’s Olympic Sound Studios in June, 1968 (11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas panel) October, 27, 2017. SOLD

STONES 3 800
“Richards” — recording “Sympathy for the Devil” at London’s Olympic Sound Studios in June, 1968 (11 x 14″ acrylic on canvas panel) October, 28, 2017. $100 USD plus shipping.

Mecca Normal, Empathy for the Evil, CD cover art, M'lady's Records - Copy

This is not the first time I’ve been drawn from the song “Sympathy for the Devil”. In 2014, I gave Mecca Normal’s 13th album the title “Empathy for the Evil“.


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Instagram & FaceBook Testimonials!

“I bought a painting! @jeansmithpainter is the artist and she has many more beautiful portraits. They’re a steal at $100! Go check them out right now and get one (or two, or three). And I must say, the painting is even more beautiful in person. I’m so pleased!”

“It arrived yesterday. I must commend you on your packing. It was so secure! And the painting is even better in person! I love love love it. The colors are juicy and she is just gorgeous.”

“Basically, I saw the art on Instagram, and was directed to her current available pieces on Facebook. Then I struggled to choose just one, emailed her about the one I wanted, sent the $$ via PayPal and voila! I am the proud owner of an amazing painting! I highly recommend it. So easy and such fantastic work.”

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Sets of 3

via PayPal meccanormal@hotmail.com
Please email to check availability before paying.

I can’t really reduce the price of my $100 USD paintings any further, but I will cover any extra postage above $10 USD on any set of 3.

I’m always amazed to see what people put together, so here are some of my picks by threes because three is better than two in terms of composition.

I selected paintings based on variables including color, composition (the size of the head and which way they are looking) demeanor, and style — mostly putting different styles together. I hope putting them together in something other than chronological order offers another way to view them.

Click the text beneath sets to go to larger images.



s2 new






S8 new

Contemporary portrait paintings (acrylic 11 x 14″ on canvas panels)

All content on this page (c) 2017 Jean Smith

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“I like how Jean Smith’s paintings carve out their own unique corner of the Gerhard Richter and John Singer Sargent and On-the-Tip-of-My-Tongue Venn Diagram.” – former Bitch Media culture reviewer Jim Burlingame

No Hat 257 800

“No Hat #257″ (11 x 14” acrylic on canvas panel) September 20, 2017. SOLD

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FaceBook Memories

My FaceBook page memories says I painted “No Hat #90” on this day’s date last year. It’s one of many I’ve done from a photo of transgender model Andreja Pejic, who I first painted in May of 2016 with “No Hat #21”.

No Hat #90 800

“No Hat #90” (acrylic on canvas board 11 x 14”) September 6, 2016.
$100 USD plus shipping.

AP crop
Andreja Pejic

No Hat #21 800“No Hat #21″ (acrylic on canvas board, 11 x 14”) May 12, 2016. SOLD

No Hat #94 800

“No Hat #94″ (acrylic on canvas board, 11 x 14”) SOLD

No Hat #79 800

“No Hat #79″ (acrylic on canvas board, 11 x 14”) SOLD

I return periodically to work from the photo of Andreja for various reasons. It’s soothing and stabilizing to paint the familiar — and it’s a barometer of my technical evolution in the ongoing series. I may consciously apply newly honed skills to it, aware of higher levels of brain-eye-hand activity that doesn’t always mean a better painting in the end. It’s still mostly about knowing when to stop. Each painting has thousands of micro-expressions (in the mouth and eyes in particular) that are in constant motion until I find a point where they hold a pronounced amount of personhood and attitude. It seems to be about inventing a fully fledged character that has obligations to me (and to you) — and possibly beyond that in terms of social philosophies and a history yet to unfurl.

Andreja Pejic is not just a well-lit face with lovely bone structure. Her story of personal and public evolution — and her professional understanding of what her face reveals — inform how I paint. I’m not overly-interested in making paintings that look like her. Obviously, as a very vocal feminist, I’m not using sex to sell art. I’m not subjugating women, but I think about these things. I worry about these things. What if I wasn’t a known feminist? Would my paintings of women be suspect?

Because I’m not beholden to the subject, I am free to change eye and hair color which are often based on other colours in the work, but I admit I am wary of painting too many blue-eyed blondes and what people will think when I paint African Americans. It was a truly strange week in my mind when I painted “The Party” without yet knowing of the uproar surrounding Dana Schutz’s painting “Open Casket” at the Whitney Biennial. Internally, I evaluated my motives and felt uneasy about how my painting might be interpreted, but it also gave me cause to realize nobody actually cares what I’m doing in any big way because I’m not in the “Art World” — I’m just some random painter who perhaps thinks her work is more important than it actually is. Having a history of being regarded as important in music has not translated to importance in writing and painting (yet).

People who see my work more or less know (and hopefully trust) my intentions, but is that good? I don’t essentially want to rely on that understanding. Anyway, it was a weird week.

The Party 800

“The Party” (acrylic on canvas board, 11 x 14″) March 20, 2017.
$100 USD plus shipping.

While I’m painting, I’m physically advocating for a strong personality to evolve in spite of — and because of — how things are (in my life, in your life, in the world at large). Yet, there are paintings with unmasked vulnerability, sadness, pain too. And paintings that are all mask — whether its paint, make-up, a lack figurative clarity or part of a traditional costume (the Kabuki series… which are men wearing white make-up portraying women).

Kabuki #1 by Jean Smith

“Kabuki #1″ (acrylic on canvas board, 11 x 14”) March 1, 2016.
$100 USD at John Doe Records Hudson, NY.

In many ways painting is like playing music or writing for me. I allow myself to be influenced by excellence, to connect my work to history without being thwarted by all that can be known, I infuse work with idiosyncratic stances — some of which have been in place from the beginning, other facets of which are just turning up now.

That Mecca Normal and my great creative partnership with David Lester are running concurrently makes this a nearly collaborative endeavour. Dave’s encouragement and understanding of me as both an artist and a human fuel my resolve to work, building my confidence and tenacity. I admire his discipline (work on a graphic novel about Emma Goldman), motivation and generosity. When his book is published, we’ll likely do some Mecca Normal-based events that will also include what I’m doing with the painting project. As with much of or work, there will be over-lapping themes and exciting ways to collaborate.

from FB

Drawing by David Lester – Graphic Novelist for his graphic novel about Emma Goldman.

I must admit, it suits my personality to be able to show people my paintings as soon as their finished. It’s integral, of course, the overall project. Books and records, tours and events all take so much time to complete and set in motion. It’s a great luxury to have an audience for my work here on FaceBook.

Thank-you for paying attention and for buying my paintings. This is the most exciting time of my life, but it would not be so without all the other incredibly exciting things that have happened (that I thought were the most exciting times).

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Set of 4



2My paintings featured at Nick and Gayle’s place in Brooklyn! These four represent the members of their family. What a thrill to see them featured in their living room. I love the way the light on “Nick’s” nose works with the light in the room! And with the light in the photo (?) above! Nick says, “They are like tattoos: now I want more.”

NOTE: Gayle as in New York Times-bestselling novelist Gayle Forman (straight up name drop).

The Hat #30 800

The Hat #30

No Hat #126 800
No Hat #126
The Hat #2
No Hat #119


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From my recent email to David Lester about my new series “Bodies”

“The women seem empowered. The source material (an illustration by a woman — Jacqui Morgan) is from burlesque, which seems to me more powerful than stripping. The two images might be the same person – one is acting (performing in costume), the other is less defined, in motion, nebulous. Two very different roles and degrees of vulnerability.

The performer in stripes could easily be holding a microphone – giving a semi-naked woman, a burlesque dancer, a voice. My voice, really. Plus, those striped stockings and long, fingerless gloves give it a sense of old-timey classic circus. Or, to me, a very Picasso sense. Growing up, we had a book in which he was wearing a lot of striped clothing. It also harks back to Lautrec’s paintings of women and night life.

Interesting too that the stockings and gloves cover parts of the body that are actually acceptable to show in public, so there’s a kind of reversal going on. The stripes – yes//no – good//bad – light//dark – lines that bend around the arms and legs, giving them their shape.

And, of course, when I titled the series it also refers to the Sex Pistols’ song “Bodies” – and our version of it in Atlanta which isn’t as much about the lyrics as it is about being on stage with a voice (being alive with choices).”

Bodies 800

“Bodies” (acrylic on canvas board, 11 x 14″) May 28, 2017. SOLD

Bodies #2 800

“Bodies #2″ (acrylic on canvas board, 11 x 14”) May 28, 2017. SOLD

Bodies #3 800“Bodies #3″ (acrylic on canvas board, 11 x 14”) May 29, 2017. $100 USD plus shipping.

Bodies #4 800“Bodies #4″ (acrylic on canvas board, 11 x 14”) May 29, 2017. $100 USD plus shipping.

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