The Jealous Curator

Much appreciated mention from the Jealous Curator on FaceBook yesterday after I posted about my ‘math problem’


Very annoying math problem. I have 300+ $100 USD paintings in stock, ready to ship = $30,000 USD. I am short almost exactly this amount to purchase property OUTRIGHT on an INCREDIBLE island for the Free Artist Residency for Progressive Social Change. Going through a bank will cost me around $7000 USD INTEREST.

Any thoughts on where to sell 300 excellent, low cost paintings as inventory for an art gallery? Investment? Major fan with a very large house or long Christmas list?

$100 USD paintings (11 x 14″) currently available

Where things are at: I’ve spoken to real estate agent, read the available documentation, spoken to the planning department about land use, including being able to open an art gallery without a business license (one sign 19 x 19″). I’m working with a couple of credit unions to assess mortgage pre-approval potential.


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